We undertake painting works of industrial buildings, factories, warehouses, walls, ceilings, floors, machinery, metal surface etc. Our company undertake commercial and industrial paintings across India and mainly southern States. Contact us for our expert services for restoring building surfaces, refinishing ceilings, proofs, epoxy floor coatings, tanks etc. We offer this commercial painting service.

Types of Projects

  • stamping presses, injection moulders.
    stamping presses, injection moulders.
  • concrete floor coatings.
    concrete floor coatings.
  • secondary containment tanks.
    secondary containment tanks.
  • metal & steel-clad buildings.
    metal & steel-clad buildings.
  • steel structures, cranes, bridges.
    steel structures, cranes, bridges.
  • storage tanks, silos.
    storage tanks, silos.
  • water & sewage treatment plants.
    water & sewage treatment plants.
  • smokestacks, high-heat stacks.
    smokestacks, high-heat stacks.
  • plural component coatings.
    plural component coatings.
  • chemical processing plants, refineries.
    chemical processing plants, refineries.
  • machinery, equipment.
    machinery, equipment.
  • metal siding, metal roofs.
    metal siding, metal roofs.
  • industrial buildings & industrial units.
    industrial buildings & industrial units.
  • storage tanks, silos.
    storage tanks, silos.
  • manufacturing plants & facilities, factories.
    manufacturing plants & facilities, factories.
  • metal deck ceilings in factories.
    metal deck ceilings in factories.

Methods & Equipment

For the success and sustainability of our projects, proper surface preparation is important. Using the most effective techniques including pressure washing, hot/cold power washing, sandblasting, steam cleaning, abrasion, dry ice blasting, chemical treatments, and shot blasting for concrete floors, surfaces are first carefully examined and then processed. Our sites of employment are left clean, tidy and ordered. To prevent damage, surrounding surfaces are covered and masked off as needed.

We specialize in high-volume spray painting of coatings with high efficiency. Spray painting is often invaluable because it provides the ultimate in consistency, pace and efficiency of coverage, particularly on rough surfaces and in circumstances that are difficult to reach. Whenever they are preferred or more reliable, traditional brush roller techniques are used.

About our project management

Under the supervision of experienced project managers, we conduct and carry out work at low budget and competitive rates within the scheduled period and also when operational and occupied.