Commercial Painting

Method of working

Hot or cold power washing sandblasting/chemical treatment/steam cleaning/ aberration prepares the surfaces to be worked on for work. For regular and 3D surfaces, we spray paint that shows full coverage. Often brushes and rollers are also made use of. For various job specifications, we have scaffolding, high-rigging and rope landing.

Types of Projects

  • 1) Our list of projects for commercial interior and exterior painting including:

  • apartment & condominium buildings
    apartment & condominium buildings
  • storage facilities & warehouses
    storage facilities & warehouses
  • multi-unit residential buildings
    multi-unit residential buildings
  • office buildings & offices
    office buildings & offices
  • storage tanks, silos.
    storage tanks, silos.
  • transportation facilities
    transportation facilities
  • high-rise & low-rise buildings
    high-rise & low-rise buildings
  • commercial buildings
    commercial buildings
  • arenas, entertainment venues
    arenas, entertainment venues
  • metal & steel-clad buildings
    metal & steel-clad buildings
  • 2) Most commercial surfaces are prepared and refinished, including:

  • anodized aluminum
    anodized aluminum
  • ceilings, walls, floors
    ceilings, walls, floors
  • metal siding, paneling, cladding
    metal siding, paneling, cladding
  • concrete floors, flooring
    concrete floors, flooring
  • factory-painted metal
    factory-painted metal
  • metal/steel roofs
    metal/steel roofs
  • corrugated steel panels
    corrugated steel panels
  • support structures, framing
    support structures, framing
  • metal, steel, galvanized
    metal, steel, galvanized
About our project management
we undertake and execute works at low budget and competitive rates under the supervision of experienced project supervisors within scheduled time and even while operational and occupied.